Local Scholarships




Each year, the scholarship committee selects women from West Valley College who are transferring to a college or university in order to continue their education in math, science technology, engineering (STEM) or related fields.  A printable brochure is attached.

The scholarship recipients are invited as guests to the English Tea, held in the spring.


Scholarship Donations

Donations in support of these young women are always welcome and appreciated. Checks may be written to: ISPF-LosGatos-Saratoga AAUW Local Scholarship Committee.

2018 Scholarship Awards

The Local Scholarship Committee met last month to review and select the recipients of the AAUW Transfer Scholarship for 2017-2018. We are extremely pleased to introduce the three winners, each of whom has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship upon transfer this fall.

MEHAR JAISWAL – Her goal is to earn a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Aerospace Engineering at San Jose State University, where she will begin studying this fall. She graduated from Silver Creek HS and has excelled in her physics and mathematics courses at West Valley College. Her passion outside of her studies and work, is as a long term volunteer at an enrichment center for youth. There she helps the children with their homework, carefully explaining and reinforcing math, and other concepts as needed. As an international student, she faces higher university fees, and limited options regarding where she can work, so this scholarship will relieve some of the financial burden of her studies.

Marilyn Fuller with  Samira Sebt and Mehar Jaiswal, 2018 Scholarship recipients. (Not shown is Sara Valencia)

Marilyn Fuller with 2018 Scholarship recipient, Mehar Jaiswal

SARA VALENCIA – With an eye to go into Nursing, her goal is to study Biology. She would eventually like to become a Family Care Practitioner or Physician. Her main focus in life has always been to help others. This passion is evidenced by her many community volunteer activities which include tutoring children and teens, as well as her paid position at Kaiser Permanente, first as an intern and now, after a promotion, as an Administrative Services Coordinator. This scholarship will ease some of the financial burden of her family, which includes other college bound siblings.

SAMIRA SEBT – Her goal is a degree in Bioengineering with an eye toward a career in advancing medical devices such as prosthetics, improved hearing aids, or creating new drug delivery systems. She was able to put into action her knowledge of physics, from her studies thus far, as an intern with Nauto, which is a company dedicated to developing devices to monitor distracted drivers. Samira has demonstrated her deep dedication to her studies with her 4.0 GPA while at West Valley College. As an independent woman, she can make good use of the financial assistance this scholarship offers.

Thank you for your generosity through individual donations and funds from the English Tea which give these students extra support as they continue their education at university in the fall in pursuit of their STEM career goals!


About the Committee

The committee is composed of educators or those who have worked in educational institutions.

  • Marilyn Fuller, Chair – taught elementary and middle schools at three different CA districts for 34 years, the last 15 were in Campbell Elem. School District.
  • Audry Lynch –  taught preschool, elementary, high school; 32 years as a counselor at an intermediate school and 25 years as a part time English instructor at Mission College.
  •  Karen Pock – taught fifth grade in the Foothill Elementary School, Saratoga Union School District for 36 years.
  • Diane Priest – taught school for 33 years and retired from the Saratoga Elementary School District.
  •  Ann Roberts –  taught at San Jose City College, Mission College and Campbell for a total of 26 years.
  •  Julie Stevens,  – worked as an administrative assistant in the Department of Civil Environmental Engineering at Stanford.
  •  Sumi Tanabe – worked at West Valley, District Office of the Chancellor and retired as a manager at Mission College and taught part time Computer Applications for 20 years.


Chair: Marilyn Fuller, mdfuller1@aol.com